Chirino and The Winjammers.
From Left to right..Tony Conception,Willy,Fofi
Lancha,Frankie Marcos who later form Clouds.
I have many pics.
From left to right..Carlos Planas, Pepe, Fofi lancha, Willy,Frankie,Tony.
This was at the "Ramada Inn" by the airport.
This band was called "Max Damian"..they
palyed around Miami area, Esquire Club,Big
Daddys in bird and coral way.
we had 2 albums out on RCA Victor I (fofi)
came in on the second album. We did a
reunion a few years back at Fernstock, which
they do every year in Kendall
We are thinking of doing another one...we
had a huge following. The pic is on bottom.
Let me know if it works for u. I will definetly
get in touch with Oscar Salas as far as Cafe.
Max Damian,
from left to right on top pic,
Paul Rose,Danny Howe,Kirt Pennebaker, Behind girl Jim Lafevre,Clyde Pinder
bottom pic,
Kirt Pennebaker, Paul Rose standing, sitting
Danny Howe,standing me,and Jim Lefevre
ADOLFO " FOFI" LANCHA ( Click Here For Website )
I was Chirino's second drummer in 1972.I am still drumming for "Sabado Gigante" Here are
some pics of the old Chirinos band that . At the Sabado band we have 3 old members from the
old times also. Nelso"Flaco"Padron (Cafe) William Sanchez (Chirino,Onda Nueva) Rafael
"Califa" Valencia(Chirino and more)
Max Demian
Jorge Soler, Ricardo Eddy (Edito)
Martinez, Adolfo Lancha (photos), Willy
Chirino, Juan Covas (photos), Jeannie
Cruz Gregory (photos), Mingui Perez
1980 in Punta Paitilla, Panama city